Wednesday, April 26, 2006


For those of you who recieved Brad's 'Naughty Tree' email, I present to you Dominica's answer. The Penis Tree. This has to be the best-endowed flora ever to erect itself.

This odd sight, found alongside a path at the Rainforest Tram in Laudat, Dominica, is actually two trees. The 'member' is a smaller tree that somehow grew under the buttressed base of the larger tree. I'll update this with more details if I recall them. Posted by Picasa


SerenitySprings said...
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SerenitySprings said...

Anonymous said...

better hope that all those trees don't get together or else the world will soon be over run by the resergance of the Ent race.


Patrick Smyrl said...

Cann't find your email, so I will deface your blog. We have landed, so far so good. Still tying down my job with a tiny SW company in Columbia, it has turned into a "labors of Hercules without Steve Reeves" exercise.

Had dinner with your folks Sunday, loaned your dad an ID book and joined SCSE. This should be fun.