Monday, March 26, 2007

New - From MeNuCo!

Rock On - Apply Directly to the Rock!
Rock On - Apply Directly to the Rock!
Rock On - Apply Driectly to the Rock!

Sorry, that just broke into my brain, and I had to exorcise the demons somehow. This is how.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

KERA - If we don't do it, well, cable already did.

Seeing El Anadón Ingobernable's post about how wonderful KERA is reminded me of how they can suck.

Going through the next two weeks of programming on my TiVo to see what I wanted to record, there's plenty of:

  • Suze Orman - I can get that from CNN or MSNBC these days
  • The Rolling Stones - VH1
  • Jerry Lee Lewis - Seriously?
  • Doctor Who - not the kickass old Doctor Who that you can't find anywhere else. No, KERA's got to prove their irrelevance by showing the Christopher Eccleston stuff. Seriously I blew that off on BBCAmerica because I'd already seen every episode on SciFi.
But since it's frakkin' pledge drive, there's narry a Nova or Frontline to be found. They'd better hope their funding doesn't get cut off from the state, because if they can't run what I want during pledge drive, I'm not giving them a dime.

Seriously, I've learned more about food and food science by watching Good Eats on the Food Network than I ever did watching Julia Childs and Yan Cooks Cats on PBS.

Where they still hold up is science and nature programming. Discovery Channel is sometimes doing good work here, but Nova is still the gold standard, with Nature not far behind. And while Frontline is still probably the best current events issue show out there, shows like Anderson Cooper 360 are starting to give it a run for its money.