Saturday, August 21, 2010

Farewell, Farewell, Fellow Stargazer!

Jack Horkheimer 1938 - 2010

This guy taught me all I know about being an unapologetic nerd. I wish I'd watched his show more, and learned more of what he had to teach.

Tonight, snowflakes are dancing in the heavens.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fuck You, Democracy!

Several friends have hailed today's 9th Circuit ruling against Californias Proposition 8 - banning half the population from marrying Tom Cruise (which is kind of a blessing, but that's beside the point) - as a victory for democracy.

It is, in fact, the exact opposite. It is a victory for those of us who think democracy needs strict limits. Sure, 150,000,001 out of 300,000,000 should be able to get their way on basic stuff that it's really their business. Like, dunno, saying that you can't kill people, or should pay taxes. But in California's case, 7,001,084 out of 13,402,566 decided that they'd allow some people to have a chance to marry Nicole Kidman, but not others. And marriage isn't just about two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage determines tax benefits, inheritance, who gets to make medical decisions, and even who can bring their mate into the country.

It's a big deal. And democracy decided to screw over a bunch of people the voters didn't like.

Fuck you, Democracy, how about a little CONSTITUTION on your ass? That's right, it's the 14th Amendment. Whatcha gonna do about that, bitch?

Seriously, democracy is good. It's way better than autocracy (yeah, fuck you too, Plato). But we need to get over the idea that just because a bunch of us think something's a good idea, that we should be allowed to make that decision for everybody, unless there's a serious group need, and 'God sed gheys is teh suck' is not a serious group need.

Fuck you, Voters!